What is Vitalse?

Vitalse is a tool for the interactive visualization of combined multi-modal biometric data for software engineering tasks. It runs on your desktop and is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Vitalse provides interactive and customizable temporal heatmaps created with synchronized eyetracking and biometric data. Begin exploring with this demo video! Or download the appropriate version of Vitalse for your system and continue reading below.

Demo Video

Getting Started

Vitalse supports analysis on multiple files, user defined annotations for points of interest over source code elements, and high level customizable metric summaries for the provided dataset. We provide sample data to help get you started. Using your own data? Read below!

What Files Can I Input?

Vitalse in Action


  1. Interactive and customizable heatmaps with combined eyetracking and biometric data, with temporal brushing support, for time specific analysis.
  2. Multi-file support for heat map visualization on software artifacts, such as source code files or requirements.
  3. High level task specific biometric, eyetracking, and source code metric summaries.
  4. Support for creating and visualizing user defined annotation of points of interest in the software artifacts.
  5. Visualization support for datasets containing only eyetracking data on both source code and textual artifacts, for researchers who do not use brain imaging data.